Learn more about the cheesesteaks, smash burgers and more at our East Lansing, MI restaurant

At Capo's Cheesesteak Hoagies and Grill, we take pride in our food's ingredients. Our restaurant doesn't rely on frozen food to fill the menu - all of our food comes from local vendors. From our smash burgers to the mac 'n cheese bites, all of our menu items are prepared from scratch. When you eat with us, you'll enjoy...

Smash burgers made by hand in the restaurant

Bread sourced from our bakery partners in Lansing

Steak marinade and sauce prepared in house

Loaded cheese fries

And you can't forget dessert, right? Our freshly-baked pretzel bites and cake fries knock your average chain store treat out of the water. We're dedicated to giving you a better casual dining experience, in the restaurant and on the go, all while keeping it affordable, tasty and fresh.

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What are Walking Around Fries?

You may have had cheese fries before, but you've never had them quite like this. We've put together some of the best selections to pair with our golden French fries to make a set of brand-new all-American favorites. We call them Walking Around Fries, because they took a walk around our menu. Try one of the three varieties:


The Kitchen Sink:

topped with grilled onions, mixed spicy peppers, tomato, applewood smoked bacon, grilled mushroom, fried onion straw, jalapeno nacho cheese and Cajun lime aioli

The Jalapeno Overload:

topped with sliced jalapeno peppers, jalapeno nacho cheese, pickled radish, grilled onions and chipotle aioli

The Daredevil:

topped with spicy peppers, blanco habanero queso, pickled radish and grilled onions

Try them as a side with one of our cheesesteaks, or enjoy an order of them as its own meal. To place a call-in order, reach out to us now at 517-574-5835.